Sunday, January 18, 2015

Have you been sold a worthless website?

If you are reading this then the answer is probably "yes".


There are several companies on the internet that prey on people who want to own an income generating website.  These companies all seem to be based out of Arizona or Nevada.  They set you up with a cookie-cutter website and promise you'll be making money by being and affiliate.  The truth is that these sites they are selling are worthless and will never get any traffic or sales.  These type of sites don't even show up on a google search.
What they do is get your credit card information, set you up with a site, and when you discover your site is not making money they try to sell you "training" and other worthless services promising more traffic to your site.  Once they have your credit card information they will keep charging you monthly. 



If the company you signed on with uses the term "back office", you have been scammed.

If your website has the phrase "Your one-stop-shop for the very best values the Internet has to offer." on the front page, you have been scammed.

If the website you were sold has a name ending with any of the following names or something similar, you've been scammed.

Some of the company names:
Ace Marketing
Affiliate Masters LLC
Nebucom LLC
Fortune 500 Affiliate Group
Website Development, LLC
Logix 9

Links to horror stories and more info from other people who have been scammed: 


First thing is to call your credit card company and have the charges removed if possible and stop future payments.  Second, call the company that sold you their services and try to get a refund.  You'll find after reading the horror stories from other people that this is not an easy task.

The Amazon Associates program is completely free and if you're still interested in joining it there is a great thread on the Amazon Associates forum on what it takes to get started. 

The Amazon Associates forum if filled with great advise and there are many regular posters on there that will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

I hope you found this website helpful in some way.  Best of luck to you!